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Gallipoli time line
- The events of 1915 -

Below is a list of all major events that took place on the Gallipoli Peninsular during 1915. While it is not possible to detail every event, please feel free to contact me on any I may have missed.

The camera indicates a picture is available.
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Date: Month: Event:
25 April Australian troops land at Anzac Cove.
30 April Australian submarine AE2 is sunk in sea of Marmara.
6-8 May Second Battle of Krithia involving the 2nd Australian Brigade and the New Zealand Infantry Brigade.
18 May Major General Sir William Throsby BRIDGES dies of wounds.
19 May Private Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick killed.   
19-20 May Lance Corporal Albert Jacka wins the Victoria Cross at Courtney's Post.
6 August The Battle of Lone Pine begins.
7 August The Light Horse charge at The Nek.
British force lands at Suvla Bay before dawn.
9 August The Battle of Lone Pine ends.
2 September "Southland" transport with 2nd Division troops is torpedoed.
23 September Keith Murdoch writes his article about the Dardanelles operation.
17 October General Ian Hamilton relinquishes command of the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force.
27 October General Charles Monro takes over command of the Force.
13 November Lord Kitchener lands at Anzac.
23 November Kitchener advised the government to withdraw all troops from Anzac and Suvla.
29-30 November 2nd Lieutenant H.V.H Throssell wins the Victoria Cross at Kaiakij.
7 December British Government orders evacuation.
20 December The last Australians are withdrawn from Anzac Cove and Suvla Bay.