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Keith Murdoch's letter.
Gallipoli 1915
Still under construction!

In September 1915 Australian journalist keith Murdoch visited the battlefields of Gallipoli and wrote a letter to the Prime minister of Australia, Andrew Fisher.

The Right Honourable
H.H Asquith, P.C., M.P.,
Prime Minister
Dear Sir,

Mr. LLOYD GEORGE has suggested to me that I should place at your disposal whatever knowledge I have gained of the Dardanelles operation whilst an Australian civilian represntative there.

I thereforetake the liberty of sending you a copy of a private letter I have addressed to Mr. Fisher, in conformance with his request that I should write him fully on the subject.

This letter was, of course, only intended for Commonwealth Ministers, and contain references which will have no interest to you. But I feel justified in sending it to you, because if it adds one iota to your information, or presents the Australian point of view, it will be of service in this most critical moment.