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Victoria Cross winners at Gallipoli.

In all, eight Australians won the Victoria Cross during the Gallipoli Campaign. Six of these were won during the Battle of Lone Pine.

Jacka A Lance-Corporal Courtney's post 19-20 May 1915
Keysor L Lance-Corporal Lone Pine 7-8 August 1915
Symons W.J Lieutenant Lone Pine 8-9 August 1915
Burton W Corporal Lone Pine 9 August 1915
Hamilton J Private Lone Pine 9 August 1915
Tubb F.H Lieutenant Lone Pine 9 August 1915
Shout A.J Captain Lone Pine 9 August 1915
Throssell H.V.H 2nd Lieutenant Kaiakij 29-30 August 1915