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The first Submarine through the Dardanelles


On the morning of April 25, 1915 Australian Troops stormed the heights at a place named Gallipoli. Nearby, an Australian submarine, AE2, was threading her way through the minefields and currents of the Dardanelles. Unfortanatly, the story of this incedible adventure was overshadowed by the events at Gallipoli.

The night before, on the 24th, AE2 had attempted the passage but failed due to a broken rudder shaft.

AE2 succeeded in making the dangerous passage and became the first allied vessel to do so.

AE2 was at large in the Sea of Marmora for several days under constant pursuit. She was meant to meet with a British submarine E14, but a mishap with her diving rudders forced her to the surface almost under the bows of Turkish torpedo boats.

Holed by shell-fire the submarine was helpless on the surface and Commander Stoker and his crew had no choice but to surrender. They eventually spent the rest of the war as prisoners of the Turks.

Recently divers have discovered the wreckage of AE2 lying in 72 meters of water. She is fully intact with about a third of her hull imbedded in mud.

Laid Down 10 February 1912
Displacement 725 tons
Length 181
Average Speed surfaced: 15 knots
submerged: 10 knots
Range 3,000 miles
Power 1,600 h.p. diesels for surface cruising
840 h.p. electric motors when submerged.